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Madame Capella answers your questions !

Do your soaps last a long time ?

  • People use to say that my soaps last for ever. My Capella Coach Bars last longer than commercial bars. My soap ages for over 30 days before being packaged in a micro-perforated shrink wrap, which helps to continue the drying of the soap, increasing its life.

Is it good for dry, sensitive or eczema-like skin, psoriasis?

  • My products, by their properties and their natural ingredients, nourish and relieve all types of skin.

Are all the ingredients natural?

  • I use natural ingredients, with the exception of caustic soda and some fragrances preferred by my customers.

Do all the flowers come from the farm?

  • Lavender, rose and calendula is grown on my farm, dried in dehydrator and processed in my factory.

Do you manufacture all the products of your soap factory?

  • 85% of the products are manufactured on site at the Capella Cocher factory.

Are your products tested on animals?

  • No, I test all my products on my porcelain skin, white and sensitive.

Are your products organic, certified, accredited?

  • Since the spring of 2017, Cocher Capella holds a sustainable development accreditation allocated for its good practices of his company.


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Wednesday  10 am - 5 pm
Thursday  10 am - 5pm
Friday  10 am - 5pm

Outside of operating hours, you are invited to make an appointment.
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The artisanal soap-maker Cocher Capella is located
on the border of Estrie and Centre-du-Québec,
in Danville, in the MRC des Sources:

2060, route 116, Danville, Qc J0A 1A0

819 552‑3956

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