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The Cocher Capella story


Our mission

Manufacture soaps and body care products based on finely selected natural ingredients and processed by hand, with a grand respect for the environment.

Handmade Soap Factory

In 1997, Christiane Raymond left her native land on the North Shore to establish her own goat farming business in Central Quebec. Initially interested in breeding dairy goats, she acquired the knowledge necessary to transform the products of the farm and materialize her vision.

For seven years, her goat herd supplied the milk to make her soaps. At the same time, she hosted educational visits by groups of adults organized by Tourisme Bois-Francs.

A magnificent plantation of mature red pines lies upon its 32 acres of agroforest land, crossed by a stream, and there is also a bucolic marsh in its heart where bustard birds, great herons, owls and ducks can be admired every year.

In 2014, the company obtained a first commitment in a sustainable development approach awarded by Concertation Estrie and has held the "Sustainable Development" accreditation granted by ADDERE since the spring of 2017.

Today, Christiane Raymond is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of personal care products.

Since its creation, Cocher Capella has been devoted to the well-being of body, heart and soul ...


Origin of name "Cocher Capella"

Cocher Capella drives its origin from the Constellation of Cocher (commonly called Auriga in Latin). The Cocher is a constellation represented by a shepherd, a goat and two kids. Capella is the sixth brightest star in the sky.

In 1996, I started with a goat and two kids.

When digging in Greek Mythology, the star Capella also gives its name to the Capella goat that fed the long-lived, happy and healthy God Zeus.

This Greek myth inspired me to name my business Cocher Capella. A star in the firmament of high quality natural artisan soap shop that aims to offer its customers

longevity, happiness and good health.

Madame Capella . Master Soapmaker


Opened year round
Wednesday  10 am - 5 pm
Thursday  10 am - 5pm
Friday  10 am - 5pm

Outside of operating hours, you are invited to make an appointment.
Please contact-us for the best price and delivery time.


The artisanal soap-maker Cocher Capella is located
on the border of Estrie and Centre-du-Québec,
in Danville, in the MRC des Sources:

2060, route 116, Danville, Qc J0A 1A0

819 552‑3956

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