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Our products Cocher Capella are very healthy for humans and the nature. Here at Cocher Capella, the sustainable development is a sure value that drive our organization. That translates into a series of concrete measures that are summed up by sustainable product positioning, business management integrating social and environmental responsability, as well as external recognition of good practices in place.

Sustainable products
Our artisan products Cocher Capella are made from natural ingredients, sourced wherever possible from local, organic and equitable resources. Products based on goat milk (dairy production of goats), flowers from our farm and essential oils, our products contains no GMO, parabens, nanoparticules, silicon, PEG, synthetic dyes nor ingredients from animals.

Beyond products, our packaging also has a significant environmental footprint. This is why Cocher Capella minimizes these and makes sure to reuse different material at his disposal. In addition, we invite our customers to bring back their plastic and glass containers for the filling of our liquid products.

Social and environmental responsibility at the heart of the company
More than a reflexion of the ecodesign of the products offered, our approach in sustainable development at Cocher Capella aims to ensure our ecoresponsibility at the heart of our mission and in all our business decisions.

So we got involved with our customers by educating them about the impact of our products on health and the environment.

Our company also integrate the sustainable development into our internal management, both in terms of our purchases (cleaning products, printing paper, etc.), our residual materials, energy efficiency measures and landscaping. In addition, our company takes advantage of the collected rainwater. Our concern to reduce the environmental footprint at Cocher Capella is constant.

Recognition of good practics
At Cocher Capella, we take the company’s approach to sustainable development seriously. This is why we have adopted a plan of action and a policy (see the sustainable development policy in vogue) to frame the progress in this direction. The steps taken since the beginning of the company has been officially recognized since 2017 by the accreditation "On s’engage en développement durable" wich ensures a serious commitment and a continuous improvement.  To learn more about this renewed accreditation every 2 years, visit www.onsengagedd.ca

Cocher Capella is proud to be accredited "On s’engage en développement durable" for the period 2017-2019.  This accreditation recognizes the seriousness of our efforts to be and ever more sustainable company through actions in various economic, social and environmental issues.

At Cocher Capella, the sustainable development is a fundamental value that impregnates our organization. It occurs through a series of concrete measures that are summarized by a sustainable positioning of our products, an enterprise management, integrating the social and environmental responsibility, as well as an external recognition of the good practices in place. Visit our webstore for more informations.


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The artisanal soap-maker Cocher Capella is located
on the border of Estrie and Centre-du-Québec,
in Danville, in the MRC des Sources:

2060, route 116, Danville, Qc J0A 1A0

819 552‑3956

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