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Sweet fragrances

$6.66 USD (5.95 $ CAD) each

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The freshness of the morning bursts in your bath with our champagne bath bombs! A pure moment of bliss for the body and the soul ... added to the joy that the effervescence bubbles bring.

Good bath,

Madame Capella

Added value

  • Biodegradable.
  • Neutralizes the pH of the water and makes the skin silky smooth

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Here's my favorite little fancy bath. Children love it and adults find it delightful!
Good bath,
Madame Capella, At the heart of your daily routine.

If your little ones hate to take a bath, just invite them with a chocolate effervescent soap. Let me know... it will be a big surprise for them.
Madame Capella



Opened year round
Wednesday  10 am - 5 pm
Thursday  10 am - 5pm
Friday  10 am - 5pm

Outside of operating hours, you are invited to make an appointment.
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The artisanal soap-maker Cocher Capella is located
on the border of Estrie and Centre-du-Québec,
in Danville, in the MRC des Sources:

2060, route 116, Danville, Qc J0A 1A0

819 552‑3956

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Madame Capella At the heart of your daily routine.

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